Contamination Control

Portable filtration units are ideal tools to remediate contaminated systems, flush new equipment during commissioning, or periodically decontaminate systems that have inadequate on-board filtration to meet target cleanliness levels

Actively filtering lubricants can dramatically improve industrial equipment performance, preventing production downtime and high machinery repair costs.


Taking a proactive approach to contamination control with Des-Case fluid handling products will ensure your equipment performs as it was designed to do.  


Two Major Sources of Lubricant Contamination

If the atmosphere is contaminated with dirt or dust, the oil will become dirtier and lubricant quality becomes compromised. Particulate contamination, once inside an operating system, will accelerate the generation of new contaminants. These contaminates damage critical components and act as a catalyst for oxidation, further degrading the condition of the lubricants.


If the atmosphere is particularly humid or has frequent temperature fluctuations, the oil is probably moisture-laden and lubricant quality is compromised. Plant wash down activites are often responsible for inducing conditions that lead to moisture ingression and corrosion.


Des-Case Filter Carts can assist in the removal and control of both Dirt and Water Contamination.

We provide both custom designed Des-Case filter carts; for outright purchase or short and long term rental.

Our Des-Case Filter carts are dedicated for either; gear oil or hydraulic fluid.

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