As part of our storing commitment to Health and Safety in the work place, Acumen eSolutions entered into a partnership with PopeHSE. Pty Ltd.   

PopeHSE specializes to correct and assist with fixing of safety problems involving leadership and employee behaviors.

Acumen eSolutions in partnership with PopeHSE can provide the following services:

►Strategic review of current situation
►Developing plans for performance improvement
►Creating effective safety leadership and culture programs
►Mentoring you and/or your team to help lead and win

Safety works best when your primary goal is effective leadership, rather than control and compliance. People respond to safety leaders more than safety rules. If you focus on leadership the rules take care of themselves. 

We focus on the practical application of safety leadership, and can show you just how it works.



► Safety leadership programs
► Coaching and mentoring leaders
► Behavioral safety programs
► Safe habits program
► Applied safety neuroscience
► Incident investigation
► Human error SME
► Zero Harm programs
► Safety Management programs
► Safety toolbox talk development
► Effective safety marketing


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