Ultrasound Level 1 Certification: Training Melbourne J

Acumen eSolutions in collaboration with Ultra-Tek, will offer access to a UE Systems Level1 Structure borne and airborne certification Training

UE Systems Level 1, Ultrasound Certification Training (5 day course)

The Course will be presented by a UE Systems certified trainer.Marking for the Certification will be done by UE Systems in the USA to ensure global recognition of the Certification.

UE Systems Level 1, Ultrasound Certification

The effectiveness of airborne ultrasonic tests depends upon the capabilities of the personnel who are responsible for, and perform inspections.


Certification is evidence that personnel performing airborne ultrasound possess knowledge and understanding of the test method and also gives the inspector the confidence needed to perform the inspection to the highest level of success.

In order to meet the requirements of the American Society for Nondestructive Testing (ASNT) Written Practice, SNT-TC-1A, all required topics for level I Certification will be addressed in the classroom training.

At the end of the training attendees will be tested with an expectation of successfully passing the General, Specific and Practical examinations with a score of 80% or better.

Seats are limited as individual mentoring is a key part of the training. 

For More information please contact Andre Jooste at 0422 480 413

Open courses are scheduled for:

Perth  16 - 20 March

Melbourne 22 - 26 June

Currently taking expressions of interest for Sydney and Brisbane. .

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