Reduce up-tower visits and maintenance cost with our integrated solution

Monitor the condition of remote wind turbines via mobile network


The Ultra-Tek GSM4G™ unit sends an SMS to a nominated mobile phone when equipment reach a pre-determined trigger point.  The user can dial into the secure GSM4G™ unit and view real time data on the equipment.


The signal can be live streamed and used in the UE SPECTRALYZER™ Special Analysis software for diagnosis  and analysis.


The GSM4G™ unit  can be permanently fixed to the equipment and can operate using either 24 VDC or 240 VAC power .

Manufacturers specification

ATS Electro-Lube manufactures a specialist range of electro lubers specifically designed for the Wind Turbine market.

These include:   

ATS Wind Solution: a Sponge Pinion and Yaw Gearing ATS Automatic Lubricator: This lubricator solution cuts the required "Up-Tower" ring gear maintenance schedule in half. The pre-filled luber replacement cartages last for one year and requires less grease.     


Manufacturer specification.


ATS MD2000 TITAN CL  Wind Series: a powerful motor-driven automatic lubricator which is refillable by simply replacing a standard grease cartridge. The microprocessor controlled, energy efficient motor delivers grease to a fixed displacement pump which produces pressures up to 900psi. This strength allows the TITIAN CL to drive lubricant to several bearings consecutively through long feed lines using a progressive distribution bloc    

Manufacturer specification.  

ATS MD 2000 ULTIMATE Automatic lubricator Wind Series: a powerful motor driven automatic lubricator which is refillable using a standard grease gun. ATS Electro-Lube has re-engineered the ULTIMATE specifically to face the challenging operation environments the wind power industry presents.    



Manufacturer specification.  


Meet wind turbine  challenges through remote condition monitoring


Des-Case wind turbine applications provide proactive solutions to protect wind turbine gearbox and hydraulics.


Condition monitoring using:

-  Connected Desiccant Breather

-  Contamination Monitor Sensor

-  Oil Quality Sensor


The connected breather provides early identification of moisture level changes in the oil and possible sources of entry making it an integral part of a holistic oil condition monitoring solution.

Manufacturers specification

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